Custom Tiles

Would you like to personalize your bathroom? Is it outdated or dull? Installing new custom tile is a great place to start. Tile brings a whole new life and design to a bathroom and can completely transform an old, dingy looking bathroom. Dean Custom Remodel & Construction wants to provide you with a few things to keep in mind as you select your new custom tiles. All of the following will contribute to the successful redesign of your bathroom:

  • Color
  • Direction of the tiles (straight, diamond, etc.)
  • Sizes
  • Borders, patterns, insets (glossy tiles with textured tiles, three-dimensional effects etc.)

One of the easiest rooms to design or redesign are square bathrooms. First, take a look at your soffits. What are they doing? Some of the most beautiful and cost effective designs are the simplest. Following the soffit border around the room will create a kind of border effect. This, plus a design in the very center, is a simple change but will completely transform the look and aesthetics of your personal bathroom. If you are interested in using custom tiles to redesign your bathroom, give Dean Custom Remodel & Construction a call now!